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8 Must-Know Tech Terms

An important part of being technical is being able to speak and comprehend common technical terms and lingo, which requires fundamental tech knowledge.

To get you started, here are 8 must-know technical terms in the software industry.

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4 Cloud Tutorials to try

Cloud computing tutorials are a great way to get hands-on exposure to technical concepts, tools, and services throughout the SDLC (software development life cycle).

Here are 4 beginner tutorials to get you started.

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3 Must Learn Tools

Streamline your work as a PM and get familiar with the software development process by learning popular tools and services used in the software industry.

To get you started, here are 3 popular Software Tools you should know.

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What are the 4 technical skills?

Learning how to code won't make you technical. Becoming more technical is actually about developing technical key skills.

Here's an infographic that delves deeper into these 4 technical skills.

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30 Software Terms PMs Need to Know

Communicating effectively with engineers requires you to be able to understand technical jargon.

Expand your technical vocabulary with these 30 software terms.

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3 Tips for writing business requirements for your engineering team

The business requirements doc (BRD) and user stories are the two main ways we collaborate with dev teams to build out features/apps, so it goes a long way to get it right.

Here are 3 examples of business requirements from Skiplevel founder and instructor, Irene Yu's personal experience as a dev working with BRDs and user stories.

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What is Web3? Breaking down Web2 vs Web3

In every day conversations, Web3 is used as an umbrella term for the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.. but Web3 really refers to the next iteration of the world wide web (www) where the internet is "decentralized via blockchains"...

Learn the difference between Web3 and Web2 and how the rise of Web3 affects you.

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Dashboard Visualization Best Practices: Kibana Dashboard Examples

Data visualization–popularly referred to as data viz–is its own movement at the intersection of data, engineering, and design and it's essential to analyzing, monitoring, and extracting insights from data.

Get the answer this question: "What's the one thing every team should implement to save a whole lot of time and headache in the long-term?"

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7 Must-Use Tools for Product Managers 2022

Every great product manager uses a number of SaaS tools to be effective in their role, but it’s not always clear what types of tools and which specific SaaS product(s) you should use as a PM. 

Get a comprehensive list of the tools you should definitely be using, and the ones you probably should use depending on your specific job function, company and product.

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Understanding ETL vs ELT. ETL process example & ETL tools

Get the lay of the land of popular terms and concepts in data processing, especially as it relates to popular Cloud technology today. This will go a long way in helping you better understand, collaborate and communicate with your data and engineering teams about the work needed.

Find out what the difference between ETL and ELT is, plus get ETL process example and browse a list of popular ETL tools.

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Product Manager Responsibilities: How to Write Better User Stories

PMs tend to overly focus on the customer perspective when writing user stories and forget that the ultimate goal of user stories is to foster collaboration between cross-functional teams, especially between PM and dev teams.

Find out why Product Managers are approaching users stories wrong (and what to do instead).

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One Knight in Product

Join Jason Knight as he hosts a podcast for people interested in building and designing tech products. At least once a week, he speaks to PMs, product leaders, and anyone else involved in product management and product delivery. 

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Lessons in Product Management

Path2Product's Mission is to bridge the gap in product management experience for aspiring product managers, so the Lessons In Product Management podcast is here to support that effort, as well as provide valuable insights to existing PMs and PM leaders.

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The Secrets of Product Management

Secrets of Product Management, hosted by Nils Davis, provides insights and knowledge for product managers, product marketers, and innovators who want to create successful products that bring value to the world.

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