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Student spotlight: Travis Mortenson

Travis Mortenson is a PM who loves developing and prioritizing product roadmaps. Travis enrolled with Skiplevel to improve his ability to have conversations and build trust with engineers. After completing the program, Travis felt more technically confident and his engineering relationships became stronger. Listen in and learn more!



Amanda Green Skiplevel student

"Huge thanks to Irene Yu and Skiplevel for this course, it's been by far the most helpful thing I've done in my career to understand software architecture, development lifecycle and get an overview of the key technical elements of our product. We have regular demo sessions of different parts of our product amongst the team and I would never have understood a recent walkthrough of our API in as much detail if I hadn't done this course… I highly recommend to anyone looking to get into product management in tech companies or anyone working closely with engineering teams!"

Amanda Green, Operations @ Unitary.ai 

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Jon Lautanha Skiplevel student

"I don't ever post to promote products, but I think what Irene Yu is doing with her course, Skiplevel Fundamentals of Software, is truly unique and may be helpful for others (as it has been for me). This course is designed for Product Managers that want to learn technical skills at a level that is applicable to the PM role. I personally think it's especially helpful for folks that may be switching to Product Management from non-technical roles, or current undergrad/grad/MBA students that are interested in Product Management. Cannot recommend it enough!"

Jon Lautaha, Former Product Manager @ Twitter


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Lindsey Giudice Skiplevel student

"This training was pretty great! I was able to complete it at my own pace, which helped with fitting it in around my unpredictable consulting schedule. I've managed roadmaps and backlogs with deeply technical details for years. Now I can do it better because the tradeoffs are much more tangible having done the engineering myself through these examples. Special thanks to Irene for putting together such a thoughtful and helpful course!"

Lindsay Giudice, Senior Product Strategy Consultant  @ Rural Sourcing




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Karen Swyszcz Skiplevel student

"I appreciated the fact that the course was self-paced because there were times when I was really busy and had to focus on other things. Irene does a great job of breaking down technical concepts and providing real-world examples. The assignments made you think and apply what you learned in the modules. Highly recommend this course if you're looking to fill in the gaps regarding technical concepts in software development."

Karen Swyszcz, Product Manager @ Buddi

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Albert Hong Skiplevel student
"Highly recommend this Skiplevel course created by Irene Yu for anyone pursuing or starting in a role in which you will be actively working with engineers. I wish I had this type of training when I first got into product management. This course helped tighten the screws of things I’ve picked up along the way as well as teach me some new things."

Albert Hong, Principal Product Manager @ Amazon


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Kellie Chan Skiplevel student
"Skiplevel did an excellent job of focusing on technical concepts and skills that are actually helpful for PMs, instead of the usual "here's how to code" path that many people think will be helpful. Videos and lessons were very clear, and I appreciate the detailed feedback left on the activities I completed."

Kellie Chan, Product Manager @ IBM




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