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What are Libraries and Frameworks and how do you use them?

Apr 26, 2023

What are Libraries & Frameworks?

Both libraries and frameworks are pre-written packaged pieces of code that developers can use to speed up the development process. Libraries and frameworks both solve common programming problems so that developers don't have to re-invent the wheel each time.

For example, managing time in an app is a common and complex problem. Instead of coding the functionality for converting timezones (a very difficult task), developers might choose to import a popular library like moment.js into their codebase.

While libraries and frameworks are both re-useable pieces of code, they're used for different purposes.

A library is a collection of code that can be imported into a project to add specific functionality. For example, a developer building a web application may use a library to implement a calendar feature, instead of building it from scratch.

A framework provides a more comprehensive solution for building an application. It includes a set of rules, guidelines, and pre-written code that provide a structure for the entire application. They frameworks include tools for handling common tasks like database management, routing, and authentication.

What's important to know:

Here are the key things to know about frameworks and libraries:

(1) Libraries and frameworks are re-useable, pre-packaged code that devs import into their own codebases to ease the development process

(2) Libraries add a specific functionality

(3) Frameworks create structure to a codebase

(4) A codebase can have many libraries but only 1 framework

(5) Recognize common libraries and frameworks (See below)



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