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Product Manager Training: best practices, how to & tech tips

product management Oct 27, 2022

Want to become more technical in just 5 weeks? Find out how the Skiplevel program can help.

If you're looking to become a better Product Manager or improve your technical skills, this is the perfect place to get started. The following articles offer tips and technical concept breakdowns that can boost your overall technical confidence and ability to work with engineering teams and guide product roadmaps.


As a PM, do you need to be technical?

Why it's important to become more technical as a PM.

How to: become more technical

Most PMs make this critical mistake when trying to become more technical.

How to: ace PM technical interviews

Boost your chances of success in the PM technical interview by studying these interview questions.

How to: gain more influence with your engineering team

How to work better with engineers as a Product Manager.



Best practices in: Writing User Stories

Why Product Managers are approaching users stories wrong (and what to do instead).

Best practices in: writing Business Requirement Documents

3 Tips for writing business requirements for your engineering team.

Best practices in: data visualization

Doing dashboard visualization right – examples of using Kibana dashboards to answer product-related questions.

Best practices in: data logging

An introduction to logging for product managers.

Top list: 7 SaaS tools PMs need to learn

More on the tools you need to learn, across Product Analysis, Roadmapping, API Platform, Documentation, Data Viz, Flow & Diagramming, Project Management & Roadmapping.


Become more technical without learning to code with the Skiplevel program.

The Skiplevel program is specially designed for the non-engineering professional to give you the strong technical foundation you need to feel more confident in your technical abilities in your day-to-day role and during interviews.

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