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Investing in Your Career is the Greatest Return on Investment!

Investing in your technical skills is an investment you'll never regret. Not only do you become extremely valuable to employers, but you'll also get a significant boost in self-confidence during interviews and on-the-job.  From increased lifetime earning power, to unimagined opportunities in your tech career, the returns are enormous!


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Director of Sales @ Xandr

Although I work closely with engineers and TPMs, I lacked a basic understanding of their "language" and technical perspective. As I explore becoming a founder myself, the Skiplevel program helped me build a technical foundation so I can credibly communicate and understand technical trade-offs. Skiplevel does a great job balancing the depth/breadth of the content with how digestible and interactive the experience is!
Nicole Tay
Head of Marketing @ Skynet Labs

I was struggling to keep up and communicate confidently with developers.. Skiplevel helped me not only speak more confidently to engineers, but it also helped me land interviews in product management. This was a huge leap for me having no formal tech background and being from the healthcare industry. This course absolutely helped me fill in my technical gaps.

Preview Lesson:
Infrastructure & Applications Module

In the Infrastructure & Apps module, we explore one of the key fundamentals of the internet: how the physical limitations of the internet and how that affects how we build and release software.

We learn about what system scalability and in this lesson, we break down the solution of system scalability into two types: vertical and horizontal scaling.


Preview Lesson: Speed Module

One of the biggest hurdles any and all software companies have to overcome is figuring out how to make their applications faster! In the Speed module, you'll learn about the common causes and common solutions to latency.

In this lesson, we learn about the first of two types of caches: the client-side cache also known as the browser cache or a local cache.


Preview Lesson: Data Module


In the Data module, we explore the different types of databases, the SQL language, designing database schema and more.

In this video, we just finished learning about database management systems and I demo how to setup a MySQL database server using Amazon Web Services.


Preview Lesson: Architecture Module

 The course covers a whole lot in software architecture. Not only do you learn about popular architectural patterns, but you also learn how to read architecture diagrams, as well as components and patterns you can mix and match to solve different business use cases.

In this video, we explore one of these components: the message queue. 


Check out 2 more preview videos in the program curriculum below!

Program Curriculum

The program consists of 5 technical content modules. As part of pre-launch access, you also receive a bonus mini-course on Understanding Developer Roles.

Module 1: Infrastructure & Applications
What is the Internet?
Cloud Computing See Preview
The Application Layer
Tech Stacks
Understanding APIs
Exercises: Design, mock and test an API using Postman
Module 2: Speed
Physical Limitations
Network Speed See Preview
Process Efficiency
Exercises: Upload an Image and Distribute it using a CDN
Module Wrap-Up
Module 3: Data
Where is Data Stored?
How should Data be stored?
Accessing and Retrieving Data
Exercises: Design a database Schema using AWS DynamoDB
Module Wrap-Up
Module 4: Architecture & Diagrams
Software Architecture
Software Diagrams
Scenario: The High Traffic Dilemma
Scenario: Automatic Email Reminders
Scenario: Email Functionality Goes Down See Preview
Exercises: Reading a Software Diagram
Module Wrap-Up
Module 5: The Software Development Lifecycle
Phase 1: Planning
Phase 2: Technical Design
Phase 3: Build
Phase 4: Testing
Phase 5: Deployment
Phase 6: Document
Exercises: Set up a Deployment Pipeline using BitBucket
Module Wrap-Up

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